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Imagelys Texture Pack #10

Generates seamless textures using mathematical formulae and works with ready to use effects
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11 July 2008

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Computer systems coupled with internet and related applications have facilitated comfort and time saving in numerous fields of operations inclusive of business related and personal usage. Furthermore, artistic and creative software and assistants like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash application have made the creation of beautiful computer imagery and dazzling special effects a cakewalk for us along with diverse tools being available for altering pictures and morphing digital photos for fun or even using in entertainment industry successfully for scientific movies etc. Imagelys Texture Pack #10 is one of such tools used for creatively enhancing the look of your web page or styling pictures.

Imagelys Texture Pack #10 1 opens with an intuitive looking interface with multiple creative looking textures available to work upon and a wide array of tools available to enhance the image and designs. The user can create seamless and original textures and images for background or screensaver and also helps in creating textures for 3D modeling without requiring any expert knowledge. The images created through this program use mathematical formulae and work with the readily available effects and makes color adjustments, special FX and all of these textures can be duly edited too. Moreover, a comprehensive list of features include random image creation with multiple effects, more than seven hundred textures that are predefined and customizable and using a variety of formatting like JPEG, PNG, JPG, BMP and EMF etc and the flexibility to open images and save images in such formats. The exhaustive list of tools can be smartly tried and highly recommended for professional designers and computer artists.

To conclude, Imagelys Texture Pack #10 1 earns impressive rankings for its utility value and user friendly interface along with the multifaceted tools available for usage and hence gets a rating score of four points for its stellar functionalities.

Publisher's description

Add Texture Pack into Imagelys Picture Styles software. Imagelys Picture Styles application is a way of creating an unlimited number of beautiful graphic images in a minimal amount of time. You can create seamless backgrounds for your desktop or your web page, original wallpapers, textures for 3D modelling, skins for your favorite programs, and much much more. You don't have to be an expert designer to be able to produce truly amazing results.
Imagelys Picture Styles generates seamless textures using mathematical formulae and works with ready-to-use effects including generators, deformers, filters, colour adjustments, special FX and masks for transparency. It presents a variety of textures that you can modify, mix etc. Ready to use.
Some of Imagelys Picture Styles features include:
- Offers unlimited compositing possibilities;
- Seamless texture rendering;
- Smart random image creation;
- More than 700 Seamless Textures predefined and customizable;
- Opens a various range of image formats like:
- Save images to a number of image formats like :
- Opens and saves custom project files;
- Add your favorite custom textures or effects into the ToolPalette;
- Standard retouching tools and image manipulation tools;
- Multiple layers from bitmaps, clipboard;
- Create/edit masks to apply various transparency effects;
- Bitmap alpha blending;
- Multiple customizable easy-to-use overlay layers;
- Variety of resampling filters to resample images to various sizes;
- Multiple Undo/Redo;
- Web export function;
- Make seamless image from whatever photos;
- Image warping support;
- Texture Pack support;
- Selection tool;
- Free transform support;
- Deformation function;
- Resynthesizer tool, create seamless texture with a part of a photo;
- Ruler support;
- View window list function;
Imagelys Texture Pack #10
Imagelys Texture Pack #10
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